fredag 30 mars 2018

Anatomi 71 and Korsfäst 12":es FINALLY here

As DB Schenker seem to having a pleasure holding our shares of vinyls for almost two weeks there were no way I dared to upload any release date for these two new awesome ones. Now I've finally manged to get them here and added the two different versions of both of them to our webshop. so please feel free to place your orders now!! Super exited about these two!!

söndag 7 januari 2018

Lautstürmer 7" uploaded on bandcamp

As I've been totally unfocused more than once and there not able to upload the brilliant 7" until now, I'm happy to have it here for your pleasure!

It's just to push play and turn up the volume!

tisdag 12 december 2017

Updates and new stuff

The new planned Korsfäst and Anatomi 71 12":es has been mega delayed due to major setbacks at the pressing plant. Planned release is March 2018. 

We have the new Hygget 2016 live compilation benefit LP here any day soon. Got all the vinyls to up to Svartmyra, just need to get some of the records to Malmö.

Had a load of new danglers up to date in the webshop. More records, prints and various stuff will be up when it's in.

tisdag 10 oktober 2017

New releases out soon!! 
Korsfäst, Skarpt Läge 12"
Anatomi 71, Med Människor Som Medel 12" EP
Two freakin awesome bands delivering totally amazing raw punk as we love it. As the testpreses has been approved by the bands we should see the day of light for these two pretty much soon.

until then, have a preview listen to one of each of their new songs::

fredag 26 maj 2017

FINALLY!! Back home and loads of new stuff in stock

And the night came, I managed to get a big load of Profane Existence records over here, alongside some Phobia records and Rawmantic records I give you the update::
OHH and for you who thought the DHL lost the Utanförskapet and Life / Zudas Krust 7":es....They arrived and I've sended out all orders that were placed